Stop Fighting

with your website copy

Does writing copy for your website feels like a necessary evil chore? That's because the passion and sparkle you get in your belly when you think about your business doesn't happen when you write about your business. So you put writing on the back burner while you focus on the fun parts; like choosing gorgeous photos for your site and telling everyone on social media about your business. 



But eventually, you're going to have to stare writing in the face. And conquer it. Or make peace with it. Or something. But you can't just ignore it. Why? Because your future customers need to know that you have the magic dust (a.k.a. solutions) to the problems that perplex them. They need to be assured that you can make them happier, thinner, freer, sexier...well, you get the point. 


So, let's just say it: The words on your site, if done right, convince browsers to become buyers. Frustrating, but true. And the sooner you get that out in the open, the sooner you can roll up your sleeves and get to work. I'll help you. 

This is the part where you're sure this is going to cost you a fortune. If we did this the old-fashioned way (I subdue the writing dragon while you sip wine on the beach), yes, that's darn expensive. I'm not going to lie. But here's what I do differently. I encourage you to set the wine aside and write. Yes, write. Freestyle. No pressure to get it perfect. And when you've said everything you need to say about your business, I come in and help you edit it like a pro, but keep your personality. So in the end, you save a ton of money and you've learned a new skill. How does that sound?

Todra helped me find confidence in my own writing style, while giving me pointers and tips to improve along the way. Her criticism was constructive and useful. Having another set of eyes on how you're approaching writing is essential in breaking bad habits, finding an appropriate voice and ensuring clarity.

-Lindy Callahan

Freelance Content Marketer
Todra co-authored two of our career-series books, Fabjob Guide to Become a Makeup Artist and The Fabjob Guide to Owning a Spa. She is a wealth of insider information and expertise. Her business insight, her research and her writing are spot on. We’re happy to have her as a faculty member and career coach for our college, The International Association of Professions Career College. She’s the real deal.

-Tag Goulet

Fabjob/IAP Career College
This was the first time I hired a professional copywriter and I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I contacted Todra to write copy for my website and after speaking with her, I was confident she would be perfect. What she wrote told the story I was trying to say without getting too “wordy”, and she had a finished product to me in less than a week.

-Felicia Howe

Primrose Organics Salon & Spa
Todra has the attributes I look for in a copywriter and business associate - experience, authenticity and professionalism. She takes the time to know your brand so she can convey your message perfectly.

-Victoria Behm

Nutrition For Vibrant Living
I have found Todra's writing to be insightful, thoroughly researched, on trend and thoughtful, with a great flair.  She has been easy to work with and responds quickly to email communications.  Todra is a fantastic asset to our team.

-Sharron Pinheiro

Eve Organics Beauty
Todra has worked with us on numerous copywriting assignments, including email campaigns, social media posts, and interviews. Not only is she an excellent writer – skilled and accurate, but she has filled a critical role in our organization and has proven invaluable. It's remarkable how Todra gets to the heart of the issue and writes compelling marketing copy that clearly communicates the benefits of our solutions.

-Macey Ley

Learning Sciences International
As a graphic designer, I don't want to be in one creative space, and then have to switch to another for my clients. I don't have the time or the energy to put into writing good copy, and bad copy is a killer. Headlines and marketing emails are huge cruxes for me. It's great to pass that off to Todra knowing I'll get great writing without having to agonize over it for hours.

-Rachael Maddison

RM Creatives
What I love about working with Todra is she’s a solid writer who takes deadlines seriously. 

-Melissa Tosetti

I've worked with

  • book publishers
  • indie authors
  • state politicians
  • religious leaders
  • spa owners
  • beauty brand owners
  • magazine publishers
  • educators
  • photographers
  • lifestyle bloggers
  • graphic designers

Want to get your website (re)written NOW? Want to stop handing over all those sales to your competitor (ouch)? Wanna pick a package below so we can get started? 

Editor's Notes

Website Editing


per page

  • You’re a great communicator and your senior thesis was a masterpiece. But writing web copy that sells is unlike other writing. It’s a mashup of research, wit, and psychology. And it can’t sound like an ad. It needs to be engaging and conversational.
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you’re struggling to get it perfect after endless rewrites. Let me finesse it. I'll comb through your site and show you how to take decent copy and make it stellar by tweaking a word, moving a paragraph, or adding a stronger call to action. I can polish your Home page, About Me page, or specific sales pages. Stop procrastinating and get your website done already . I'm here to help you.
  • Note: This is not a rewrite. I go through your website and offer detailed, written instructions on how to make your writing stronger. If you'd like to see a sample edit, email me.

Professional Copy

I Write It For You


per page

  • You're about to launch your dream business (or re-brand it) and you're losing sleep over your website. You know powerful copy is at the center of your sales strategy, but you're stuck. Let me help. Over video calls, I’ll work with you to craft words that speak the "language" of your ideal customer and make it hard to say, “No” to what you’re selling. We’ll dig into your market research and pull out what your customer wants and assure them that your products are the perfect match. We’ll study your competitors to see what differences we can highlight about your offerings, and we’ll design a brand voice that complements the overall personality of your business; then I’ll get to work writing so you can focus on the other 99 things you have to do. Or you can get back to your wine on the beach. This will be a game-changer for your business.